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Rivers of Love Speeches: a conceptual work of things unspoken

By Ronnie McGrath

WATERMELON says it as it is, the concept of race is a downright lie. Whatever your privilege, white, brown, black, or beige, this is a text for people who like their whisky neat. Here are some fragments of my experience, and a moment in the development of what I call fine art writing. The black British experience in a dub-plate-style, a truly absurd bassline.

Bobbington’s Literature Quiz and Facts Book

By Rob Clucas-Tomlinson

Bobbington’s Literature Quiz and Facts Book is a genuine homage to the written word. With over 200 questions and a lexicon of fascinating facts about the writers and stories that we all know and love, this is the very book to dip into when you are in between novels or looking to find inspiration to begin your own great work of fiction. Everyone has their favourite writers, and you’re sure to find yours in here. If you didn’t know that Charlotte Bronte and Kate Bush share the same birthday or that The Hobbit was rejected 60 times, then you may well want to delve inside these pages and see what other facts we can delight and amaze you with.

The Teaching Game: Beyond Survival

By John Robertson

A concise summary of the skills needed for successful teaching with additional related activities, ideal for staff development days, which have been tried and tested over a number of years in primary and secondary schools in the UK.

Foreword by Bill Rogers, international expert on behaviour management.